What are the main differences between Quordle and Wordle?

Quordle and Wordle are similar games, but they have some key differences:

Number of Words

In Wordle, you have to guess one word, while in Quordle, you have to guess four words.

Number of Tries

In Wordle, you typically have six tries to guess the word, whereas, in Quordle, you have nine tries to guess all four words.

Color Hints

Quordle introduces color hints to assist you in guessing the words. The letters in Quordle change color to give you clues about whether they are in the correct position or in the word at all. In Wordle, there are no color hints.

Multiple Versions

In Quordle, you play four versions of the game simultaneously, with each version having its own set of words. In Wordle, there is only one version to play at a time.


Due to the multiple words and color hints, Quordle Game can be more challenging and complex compared to Wordle. It requires you to manage and process information from different sections and colors.

These are the main differences between Quordle and Wordle. Each game offers its own unique gameplay experience, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences and level of challenge.

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